414EL $479.79*

Powerful, electric-powered chainsaw with 16” bar. Instant starting, high chain speed, comfortable soft-grip 90° front handle and convenient tool-less chain tensioning.

135 $319.99*

 Featuring X-Torq® engine for lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels. Equipped with fuel pump and Auto return stop switch for easier starting.


550XP $779.99*

Husqvarna 550 XP® is developed for tree care professionals and skilled land owners. Our unique X-Torq® engine technology provide more power where you need it, up to 20% less fuel consumption and 75% less exhaust emission.


More models in store…

Husqvarna Chainsaws

There are a lot of uses for chainsaws around the yard. From all kinds of wood cutting needs such as pruning, felling and construction applications.. Even our smallest chainsaws have all the features you can expect from a logging expert like Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Casual Chainsaws
Ideal for jobs like pruning, lighter cutting tasks and hobby work. Easy to start and operate, thanks to built-in Husqvarna features like ergonomic design, facilitating technology and powerful X-Torq® engine with low emissions. Equipped with Smart Start® and tool-less chain tensioning.

Husqvarna Allround Chainsaws
All-round saws for people who value professional qualities in a saw. The X-Torq® engine means lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels. Auto return stop switch, tool-less chain tensioner and visible fuel level makes the saw easier to handle. Equipped with Smart Start® and fuel pump to every time ensure easy starts.

Husqvarna Electric Chainsaws
This electric saw satisfies the same tough professional demands on reliability, safety and ergonomics as our gas-driven saws. With its long, slim body, powerful electric engine, low vibration and noise levels, this saw is useful for working both indoors and outdoors. Stop time is below one second for maximum safety.

CS310 $299.95*

30.5cc Chain Saw with i-30 Starter
Professional-featured saw in a new lightweight design. 14″ and 16″ bar lengths.


CS370 $399.95*

36.3cc Chain Saw with i-30 Starter
Outstanding power and incredible features for the best value in its class.


CS490 $499.95*

50.2cc Rear Handle Chain Saw
A new standard for mid range saws with ergonomic features at a great price point.


CS271T $419.95*

26.9cc Top Handle Chain Saw
The lightest gas-powered chain saw available in North America.


CS355T  $549.95*

35.8cc Top Handle Chain Saw with Reduced-Effort Starter
Our Crowning Achievement!


More models in store…

ECHO Chainsaws

An ECHO Chainsaw is built to tackle the toughest jobs. Whether you’re pruning limbs, cutting firewood or taking down a whole tree, each ECHO Chain Saw is designed to provide long, trouble-free life. You want a chainsaw that starts easy, runs smooth, and provides years of dependable performance.

MS170 $259.95 $289.95* 

This unit is ideal for cutting firewood, trimming small trees and general clean-up tasks around the home or cottage. It includes many features like the STIHL Quickstop® inertia chain brake, Master Control Lever™ and anti-vibration system.


MS251 $484.95*

 Powered by a low emission and fuel-efficient stratified scavenging engine, it features the STIHL Quickstop® inertia chain brake, Master Control Lever™, anti-vibration system, carburetor preheat shutter for summer/winter operation, toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers and a high power-toweight ratio.


MSA120 C-BQ $399.95 $429.95*

The MSA 120 C-BQ is a lightweight lithium-ion battery chain saw for grounds maintenance and smaller jobs. This unit comes equipped with a STIHL ROLLOMATIC® E ‘Mini’ 12″ guide bar and STIHL’s tool-less Quick Chain Adjuster.



MS391 $759.95*

The MS 391 chain saw features a stratified charge engine that reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while providing significantly more power than others in its class. Combined with an exclusive long-life air filtration system, advanced anti-vibration system, toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers and a side-access chain tensioner, this is an environmentally conscious pick for mid-range users.

 More models in store…

STIHL Chainsaws

STIHL chainsaws create international standards: they combine innovative technology, high performance, optimum ergonomics and low weight. Accordingly, through a process of continual research and development, our chainsaws have evolved into a range of saws to meet every application, including: work in your own garden, agricultural and forestry cultivation, or in orchard and plantation cultivation.

Gas chainsaws for property maintenance
The STIHL line of occasional use, gas-powered chainsaws, fits the bill perfectly for the serious homeowner who prefers the features of a professional saw. Comfortable lightweight design, easy starting and excellent power make it a breeze to cut and trim your small trees.

Gas chainsaws for farming and landscaping
These STIHL chainsaws are perfect for all-around use in agriculture and landscaping. Whether building with wood, sawing firewood, or for ongoing maintenance, these full range of jobs can be carried out effectively with these powerful chainsaws. With features such as the Quick Chain Adjuster and the STIHL Quickstop Super Chain Brake, these models provide the power you need with all the features you want.

Gas chainsaws for forestry
The powerful, professional STIHL chainsaws are designed for heavy-duty cutting in extreme conditions. Their high engine power and relatively low weight, make them ideal for use in dense stands, as well as for cutting hard wood. All these machines are equipped with a side access chain tensioner, Easystart® system and STIHL high performance chain as standard features.

Market leading arborist saws
Professional tree service, maintenance of public roads, parks and tree surgery; these are the preferred applications for STIHL’s special-purpose saws. These machines are exceedingly compact and can therefore be guided with absolute accuracy. The high chain speed ensures a particularly clean cut and prevents bark from tearing. The highly effective anti-vibration system also makes these chain saws especially easy to handle.

STIHL Electric Chainsaws
These quiet and powerful electric chainsaws produce little noise, making them convenient for use indoors or near homes; all they need is power source from a wall outlet. All STIHL electric saws are equipped with STIHL’s inertia-activated chain brake and in addition, and the MSE 140 C and MSE 180 C models feature the Quick Chain Adjuster.

STIHL Battery Powered Chainsaws
This innovative new cordless chainsaw includes the MSA 160 C-BQ, and is the first STIHL cordless chain saw. It boasts of an outstanding combination of weight, power and performance. With new low-vibration and low kickback 1/4’’ PM3 saw chain and a 10” or 12” guide bar, this saw is ideal for property maintenance, horticulture, cutting firewood and sawing work in enclosed areas.

*note that FRT & PDI charges may apply