Lawn & Garden Care Accessories


dumpcartAgri-Fab Dump Carts

It’s the best way to save your back. There’s no need to carry a big load by yourself. It’s also not necessary to go back and forth to get your bags of fertilizer, mulch or any load from one place to another. A cart can do that for you – most of the time in one trip! And, by choosing an Agri-Fab® cart you can be sure it’s the best you can buy. All Agri-Fab® carts are made to last and made to efficiently and easily carry the load.

Agri-Fab Sweepers

Many people are unaware of the benefits of a lawn sweeper. Most use a rake to clear away leaves, grass clippings, debris, even pine cones. That’s hard work. It’s also time consuming. With a lawn sweeper, the job becomes much easier on you and your lawn. It also works smoothly with its durable brushes, so your grass never gets damaged while cleaning your lawn.



Agri-Fab Spreaders

Your spreader is designed to evenly fertilize your lawn with nutrients it needs for growth, color, root strength and overall health. The active ingredients in lawn fertilizer are important for plant growth, root vitality and overall health. Late summer and early fall are the best times of the year to fertilize your lawn. The summer is an excellent time to give your lawn a healthy boost. In the fall, fertilizing gives your lawn extra strength to help it through the winter.

Shindaiwa Spreaders

Shindaiwa Spreaders are engineered for tough applications and built to last. All four models feature large rubber tires for effortless movement across all types of surfaces and are factory-calibrated to ensure consistent application of a variety of materials. Each one also has a rotary agitator to stir material. The RS40, RS60 and RS76 feature an epoxy-powder coated frame to fight corrosion and the RS76S features a stainless steel frame to withstand the harshest and last a long time.

Husqvarna Spreaders

Husqvarna branded Push Broadcast Spreader with 10′ to 12′ spread pattern, steel rod flow control lever and heat treated steel gear. • 14″ x 4″ pneumatic turf tread tires; larger tires sets the spreader higher, allowing for further spreading. • Heat treated steel gear, enclosed housing• Yellow dichromate hardware resists rust. • Includes vinyl cover, keeps material dry (i.e. keeps ice melt from activating) & protected from the wind; also helps keep the material in the hopper.