FG110K1C $449.00*

Lightweight and ultracompact this mini-tiller is perfect for small gardens, working in raised beds and narrow rows.


F220C $829.00*

This light, easy-to-transport mid-tine tiller is perfect for flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.


FR650K1C $2,699.00*

Features an exclusive ARS™ Active Rotary System™ with two sets of counter-rotating tines for tilling hard or never-broken soil.


FRC800K1C $3,499.00*

Designed specifically for commercial users and rental stores who are breaking new ground day after day.



F501K7C2 $1,529.00*

Features forward and reverse speeds for better control and a wide tilling path for covering more ground.



Honda Tillers

Honda tillers are smooth running and exceptionally quiet, and our high-quality, commercial-grade features make short work of tough jobs. A single pass with a Honda tiller will comfortably leave behind just what you want – fully conditioned soil that’s at its best.

TF224 $649.99*

Powered by reliable, easy-start Husqvarna engines, the TF224 is equipped with carrying handles for easy handling before and after use.



CRT900 $999.00*

The CRT900L has a large 17″ working width and is ideal for frequent use – ploughing, cultivation and ridging. Equipped with a reliable, easy to sart Briggs & Strattone engine with forward and reverse gears for improved maneuverability around the garden.


DRT900H $1,149.00*

The dual rotating tines on the DRT900H provide deep soil tilling on densely packed earth as well as older lawns. The DRT900H also features drive wheels with heavy tread tires for optimized grip, forward and reverse gear for easy operation and a powerful Honda engine for landowners that need reliable performance time after time.


More models in store…

Husqvarna Tillers

Husqvarna offers a wide range of tillers and a cultivator to fit your specific needs. Front tine tillers are best suited for smaller landscaping projects like preparing flower beds and small gardens. Rear-tine tillers with powered wheels and counter-rotating tines break up densely packed soil very effectively. For optimum versatility, choose a tiller equipped to both counter rotate for tilling and forward rotate for cultivating. 

TC210 $489.95*

Four, 10-tooth reversible, hardened-steel tines feature a lifetime warranty and provide smooth tilling action for up to 9″ wide furrows



MM55 $499.95*

The MM 55 YARD BOSS® engine allows mixing and matching of attachments for a variety of groundskeeping jobs including cultivating, edging, aerating, sweeping and much more. With an easy to use multi-function handle with start/stop and trigger controls, it also folds up for easy transport and storage.



*note that PDI & FRT charges may apply